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Driving evolution in business and society.

evolutiq is a Cologne-based entrepreneurial investment manager. We are generating wealth for our clients, our employees and ourselves by taking an integrated approach towards risk, return and sustainability.


We reinvest this wealth into the future growth of evolutiq as well as philanthropic activities and so aspire to make a lasting contribution to business and society.

Our Investment Principles

Long-term Value Creation

We strive to create value in the long-term by learning, creating, growing and investing in relationships, organizations and spaces that have a positive impact. In this spirit, we explicitly refrain from defining a fixed investment horizon. At the same time, we challenge ourselves on the future value creation potential of our portfolio assets and our capability to capture this potential.

Interest Alignment

We believe in interest alignment as a prerequisite for learning, collaborating and building with success. Therefore, we co-invest with our partners (min. 5% – at least twice the industry standard) and invite our management and employees to do so as well. Further, we link our management’s compensation to a set of clearly defined measures that capture the long-term value creation.

Accounting for Externalities

We aspire to account for all factors that determine the impact our investments on the communities our clients, our portfolio assets, our employees and we ourselves operate in. Along these lines, we currently develop performance metrics that account for the United Nation’s SDGs and that we will use in evaluating future investment opportunities and portfolio assets’ performance.

Our Business Segments

Private Capital

Investments into high-quality companies with growth potential



Private Equity

Real Estate

Investments into development and value add real estate projects

Commercial (incl. Logistics)



Financing solutions for both companies and projects

Direct Lending

Special Situations

Meet our Team

Bernd Heesen

Senior Investment Advisor

Dagmar Jeromin

Senior Project Manager

Daniel Perthes

Investment Manager

Gerrit Heidemanns

Venture Partner

Inga Steinki

Senior Manager Corporate Development

Jonathan Reinartz

Senior Associate Smart Buildings

Julia Heinzel

Executive Assistant

Nicolas Rudzki


Dr. Oliver Burger

Project Manager

Dr. Oliver Steinki

Founder & Managing Partner

Patrick Apolinarski

Venture Partner

Rodney Pandya

Senior Property Manager

Silke Wiener

Senior Manager Talent and Organizational Development

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